Message from Founder

There are thousands of cuisines around the world and for the sweet teeth we have food which is prepared using some special techniques and expertise. As a team member of a Bakery and Pastry Kitchen I have found that it is not easy to learn the techniques. Years after years after working with some mega star Chefs I, became Chef Chiradeep Pal.

Whilst working with hotels I even observed that if I had pursued a course, my career would have taken lesser time to reach my goal.

Well, it was those hard times when I decided to make Baking and Pastry courses easily affordable to the people who are planning to work and make their future in the world of Baking and Pastry.

And to ensure properly teaching each individual we have gone through a long thinking process to make this course suitable for you, to procure the best tools required making the best product, to fetch the best ingredients to make the unique products. And with all our efforts we are here to ensure we teach you the best method of preparing products under any circumstances.

The idea is to share knowledge, not to show knowledge and so we implemented hands on cooking of each and every item mentioned on the courses. It’s a mission where we plan to cut all the odds and design a course to make learning more interactive and easy, it is also our vision to make sure each individual love the way they are making products, during the class and after completion of the course. And over a period of 11 years we are proud to share that we have been doing it just right.

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