About Us

In the Hospitality Industry, JBL Culinary School has extensive experience in the areas of product development, use of best tools, techniques, ingredients and expertise. What set the academy apart is thepattern of the course and its state of the art ambience.

These factors act as differentiators for the academy and recognizes it amongst its contemporaries. The faculty and the staff at the academy are extremely well equipped with the necessary skill set and the art of cooking. Students here do not sit with a pen and paper to write down the thesis of a pastry. Hands on training is a feather on the cap at this place, each and every one is given with set of tool, ingredients required as per the class and course and everyone makes their own product by themselves. Given a chef cap, coat and apron the students are all set to prepare the best desserts by the directions of well experienced Chefs, you can ever imagine.
The essence of this Culinary School is that it provides a feeling of “love at first sight” with the place because of the homely atmosphere provided here by the Team JBL.

Meet Our Experts

Our faculty members are accomplished professionals with years of experience in the culinary industry, each with their own unique specialties and areas of expertise. With their mentorship and hands-on approach, our students learn not only the techniques of pastry and dessert-making, but also the art of creativity, menu planning, and problem-solving ideas.

Our Achievements

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