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Chef Chiradeep Pal

A diploma in Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition in 2001 is one of the most formal culinary degrees that Chef Chiradeep Pal has to his credit. Apart from that, Chiradeep has 12 years of experience in bakery and confectionary. His areas of expertise are cakes, sugar craft, chocolate works, creativity in dessert designing and menu planning. He has ample experience in operation of bakery and confectionery that he had gained through practical experience, while working with various five star hotel bakeries.

Chef Chiradeep has worked with The Golden Park, Taj Bengal, The Park Hotels and Flurys in Kolkata. He then took over as Pastry Chef of The Kenilworth, Kolkata. He has extended his service to setting up stand alone restaurants, food malls, and fine dine eateries at various places in north India. Chiradeep has done several demonstrations on chocolate making, sugar works, preparing desserts and pastries. He will be sharing his experience at JBL Academy of Culinary Arts by taking classes on how to make interesting desserts, handling chocolate and sugar work.

Chef Riju Kumar Dey

Chef Riju Kumar Dey is quite a popular face in Zee Bangla, since he appeared as a guest Chef in 'Rannaghar'. Enthusiastic and young, he graduated from the Golden Regency International Center undertaken by (TAFE) he had also trained himself for further culinary education at south Adelaide, Australia. Chef Riju comes with six years of working experience in five star hotels like Hotel Hindustan International, Kolkata and many more. He also has worked with Casa Toscana, the only fine dine Italian restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal. His specialty is hot food, mainly of the European, Italian and continental cuisine spread. Chef Riju will be demonstrating cooking from all over the world at JBL Academy of Culinary Arts.

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